Return policy

Cases to be repaid:

-           Goods with technical errors and errors made by manufacturers;

-           Goods damaged by the process of shipping to customers ;

-           Goods delivered not in accordance with the model and type that customers have booked

-           Delivery goods are missing components attached.

Please check and confirm the status when the customer. After receiving the goods we defaulted to the agreed product.

Conditions and regulations for general repayment:

-           Products with technical errors are determined by technical staff of our company and recognized as errors by the manufacturer.

-           Full components and accessories

-           Have all the attached documents such as receipts, invoices, delivery notes, warranty cards, catalouge ...

However, for some products, we will not apply the same terms and conditions for the return and exchange, during the consulting process of sales, we will provide specific advice on the time-limit and the form of payment for each product for customers to consult when they need to buy that product.

Refund fee: refund fee will be completely due  pays completely if the error belongs to the company.

Refund form: Will renew the product for customers, in case there is no product of that product in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fee paid by the customer to us through such forms as : cash at the company or transfer to customers

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Technical advice: 0908.866.022

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